The Checklist

Culture Catch has decided to assemble a checklist for managers and practitioners who wish to explore the competitive potential of cultural diversity. The checklist does not include all aspects but may work as a point of departure. 

The checklist 

  1. Gather organizational data and find out how cultural diversity relates to your company or organization 
  2. Develop a coherent and realistic strategy for how to promote and utilize cultural diversity within the organization 
  3. Secure long term commitment from top management within your organization 
  4. Position the diversity programs as an initiative for the whole organization and not only the HR team 
  5. Clearly distinguish religion from cultural diversity. Cultural awareness and acceptance is the theme rather than religious observation 
  6. Generate organizational awareness by promoting success stories that relates to cultural diversity 
  7. Develop and use employee feedback mechanisms within the organization 
  8. Educate individuals and teams within the organization by breaking down the concept of diversity into understandable and discussable themes 
  9. Allow new diversified teams to gain performance related foothold even though this may take some time 
  10. Evaluate your initiatives