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Culture Catch launches new interactive blog
Publiseret d. 10. december, 2007

To follow up on mission statement about extending the theoretical and practical discussion of how to deal with cultural diversity beyond the walls of the business school, Culture Catch has now introduced a blog. Culture Catch has decided to provide practitioners and managers in the business environment with an opportunity to provide feedback and participate in the discussion of how to utilize culture diversity.

Culture Catch launches new website
Publiseret d. 11. november, 2007

Culture Catch (CC) has decided to launch a new website focusing on diversity. Companies are increasingly competing for talent worldwide. While company human resources become more diversified, management need to direct increasing attention towards handling the challenges of effective cross- cultural management. CC wish to participate in the discussion of how to utilize internal diversity in the best way possible. When analyzed and utilized in a professional way CC believes that diversity may turn out to be a very competitive company resource.